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Since Love Lab’s inception, we’ve been talking about one of the universal problems with dating apps – that you don’t know if the person you’re texting with actually looks like their picture. This is why Love Lab not only includes facial recognition software, but also a disappearing video message feature, like Snapchat, so you can actually speak back and forth with someone you’re interested in without giving any personally identifiable information like phone number or Skype contact. But the video feature offers much more than just verification of what someone looks like.

There were a couple of studies conducted in the late 60’s that determined way back then that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Whether you believe this statistic or not, it points to a truth – interpersonal interaction involves more than just words. If you’ve ever gotten a text and had to ask a friend to help decipher its meaning, then you understand this. When someone speaks to you, you hear more than just what they say. You also naturally interpret things like inflection and tone that offer layers of meaning. Add a live visual component on top of this and you get an even fuller picture.

What does this person look like right now (even relatively recent photos can be unintentionally deceptive)? Are they scruffy and alternative or clean cut? How are they dressed and how do they present themselves? Is the place they live in messy and cluttered or well kept? Are they energetic and bubbly or more mild tempered and subdued? All of these are essential questions for figuring out compatibility, and you can’t answer any of them accurately with anything short of a video.

There is obviously no substitute for meeting someone in person, but Love Lab gives you all the tools you need to decide if that’s a step you want to take.