Steven Ward SafeSo many people have set up a date with someone online, only to show up and find that the person they have agreed to go out with misrepresented themselves in their online profile.  The person may look different, or they may have given information that is untrue. This is one of the chief problems that Love Lab was created to solve.  But while entering into such a situation can be frustrating and discouraging, there are many other problems in the online dating world that Love Lab can help to iron out.  Chief among these problems are issues surrounding your safety and well-being when you go out with a new person who you don’t know yet.

There was a disturbing article in the LA Times recently that discussed some of the darkest consequences of dating someone whose identity has not been verified.  While this is an outlier case, and plenty of people have perfectly good experiences with online dating, it is important for people to be cognizant of the dangers, and to take the proper steps to protect themselves, even when meeting people on reputable, well-known dating websites.

This is a perfect example of what Love Lab can do to augment and enhance peoples’ online dating experiences. Since it uses both physiological and behavioral recognition to verify the authenticity of its users, it is the best product on the market for ensuring that users are who they say they are, and for establishing trust between people who connect through it on multiple levels.

By identifying a person’s background you do more than just protect yourself. You put yourself in a state of mind in which you can have fun, be yourself, and open up, all of which are so important when you are on a date.  By putting your concerns behind you after responsibly addressing them, you can make your dating experiences and your entire dating life more enjoyable and more fruitful.